Lounge Cigar & Pipe Tobacco Pickup

The on-site full-bar and lounge is open past midnight 7-days aweek.  Although our shop is closed by 6pm, you can request that prepaid cigars and or pipe tobacco be left in your name at the bar.  You can order any one of 10 different three- or six-cigar samplers.  You may also order any one or more 2-oz vacuum sealed tins of pipe tobacco from Cornell & Diehl.  Your order will be waiting for you in the bar-lounge area.  After placing your order you must then send us a text (509-205-2876) or email (educatedcigar@msn.com) message authorizing us to do so.  Please state your name, age, item(s) requested, last 4-digits of credit/debit card used, and whom is authorized for pickup.

To order you can call 509-205-2876 during regular shop hours.  You must pay with a credit/debit card when you place your order because the bar-lounge area is not licensed to 'sell' cigars or pipe tobacco, but you may pickup prepaid cigars and/or pipe tobacco at the bar.

You must be 21 or older to pickup your order from the bar-lounge area (just ask the bartender).  We currently offer ten different types of cigar samplers with either three or six different cigars.  All cigars are handmade, longleaf major brands.  Each sampler comes with matches in a stay fresh zip lock bag.  For $5 extra you can order a double blade cigar cutter.

A complete detailed list of our 61 different 2-oz pipe tobacco tins appears below.  All tins are $29.  You can order them by number and/or name.

All tobacco prices include tax.

Please keep in mind that our cigar/tobacco shop closes at 6pm Monday-Thursday, 5pm Friday-Saturday and 4pm Sunday.  You must call at least 45 minutes before closing.

Cigar samplers:
1. Robusto 3 or 6 cigar sampler: $40 or $75
2. Corona 3 or 6 cigar sampler $40 or $75
3. Torpedo/figurado 3 or 6 cigar sampler $45 or $82
4. Churchill 3 or 6 cigar sampler $45 or $82
5. Double toro 3 or 6 cigar sampler $47 or $89
6. NUB size 3 or 6 cigar sampler $43 or $80
7. Various sizes 3 or 6 cigar sampler $43 or $80
8. ACID & Deadwood 3 or 6 cigar sampler $43 or $80
9. 96-97-98 rated 3 or 6 cigar sampler $53 or $97
10. Coffee & Deadwood 3 or 6 cigar sampler $45 or $85

2-Ounce (Vacuum Sealed) Pipe Tobacco Tins from Cornell & Diehl

at The Educated Cigar, Richland, WA.  $29 each including tax.  
1.After Hours Flake:  Virginia flake sweetened with caramel and spiced dark rum.
2.Apricots & Cream:  Black Cavendish, Green River Vanilla, "cream", apricot brandy.
3.Belmont Station:  Cavendish, Virginia, Burley, Dark-Fired Kentucky, vanilla & rum.
4.Berry GoodCavendish and Green River Vanilla with raspberry sauce
5.Black Gold MapleBlack Cavendish & Virginia with natural maple flavor
6.Bourbon Blue:  Virginia, dark-fired Kentucky, Perique, bourbon in a crumble cake.
7.Chocolate Cavendish:  Cavendish with natural chocolate and cocao bean
8.Cross-Eyed Cricket: Black Cavendish, Turkish, Latakia,Perique with in a light rum.
9.Dark Cherry Cavendish:  Black Cavendish and dark cherry flavoring 
10.Green River Vanilla:  Fire-cured Burley from Green River Valley of KY & vanilla.
11.John Marr:  Virginia, Turkish, Perique, Cavendish, bourbon & vanilla.
12.MochaHalf espresso and dark chocolate on black Cavendish base
13.Nutty Irishman:  hazelnut and honeyed, aromatic spice of Irish Mist
14.Pennington: Burley, Cavendish, Perique with bourbon
15.Redburn:  Burley, Virginia, Dark-Fired Kentucky, dark rum, molasses in a cake
16.Repose:  Burley, Turkish, Virginia and dark rum
17.Stovepipe:  Virginia, Perique, Burley, Cavendish cocoa, caramel, vanilla
18.String Duster:  Virginia, Turkish with rum and maple
19.U.S.S. Mason: Virginia, Burley, Latakia, Perique and brandy
20.White Lightning:  Virginia, Perique and applejack, raspberry & vanilla

21.Adagio:  Burley, Latakia, Virginia, Perique & Turkish
22.Anthology 20232013 Steamed Virginia Reds, 2019 & 2022 Carolina Reds, 2019 Georgia Reds.  Flake.
23. Awakened Elder: Virginia,Latakia,Perique,Burley,Orientals,Cigar,Cavendish
24.Bayou Morning Flake:  Red Virginias and 25% Perique.  Flake.
25.Bayou Night: Latakia, Perique, Virginias, Turkish, and Burley
26.Briar Fox:  Virginias, Burley pressed into a crumble cake.
27.Brigadier:  Latakia, cubed Burley, Perique, and Cavendish.
28.Burley Flake #5: Dark Burley, Virginias, dark-fired Kentucky.  Flake.
29.Byzantinum:  Latakia, Orientals and Perique
30.Canal Boat: Burley, Cyprian Latakia and unflavored Black Cavendish.
31.Carolina Red Flake with Perique:  Red Virginia and Perique.
32.Chenet’s Cake:  A combination of Virginia and Perique in a cake.
33.Dark-Fired Kentucky:  high-tiered, Dark-Fired Burley from Kentucky
34.Dreams of Kadath: Dark-Fired KY, Katerini, Perique, VA, Burley, Black Cav.
35.From Beyond:  Virginia, Izmir, Basma, Burley, Perique & Latakia
36.Granulated Perique:  The jewel of 'Loosiana'
37.Haunted Bookshop Cake:  Burley, Virginia and Perique in a cake.
38.House Reserve:  Cavendish, Burley, Virginia – all flake.
39.Innsmouth: Virginia, Perique, Orientals, Black Cavendish
40.Kajun Kake:  Red Virginias, Cajun spice, Perique in a crumble cake
41.Latakia:  Pure, straight, unadulterated Cyprian Latakia leaf
42.Mad Fiddler Flake:  Virginia, Kasturi, Perique & Black Cavendish.  Flake.
43.Miskatonic Mixture: Virginia, Perique, Orientals, Black Cavendish
44.Mississippi Mud:  Perique, Latakia, and unsweetened Black Cavendish
45.Montford Point Marine: Dark-Fired Burley, Perique and Latakia
46.Morning Light:  Oriental, Perique, Virginia and black Cavendish
47.Mountain Camp:  Perique, Latakia, Virginia, Turkish & Burley
48.Odessa:  Burley, Turkish, Latakia, Perique
49.Pirate Kake:  Latakia, Turkish and Burley in a crumble cake
50.Privateer: Bright Virginias, Black Cavendish, Dark Burley, and Latakia.
51.Purple Cow: Burley, Virginia, Latakia and maduro cigar leaf
52.Red Carpet:  Virginia and Perique.  Flake.
53.Reverie: Black Cavendish, cube-cut Burley, Perique, Latakia, and Turkish
54.Sam’s Blend: Cyprian Latakia, Perique, and unsweetened Black Cavendish
55.Star of the East:  Latakia, Turkish and Virginia.
56.Star of the East Flake:  Latakia, Turkish and Virginia.  Flake.
57.Steamworks:  Red Virginia, Oriental and Perique.
58.Strathspey: a Scottish blend: Latakia, Orientals, and other choice leaf
59.Tuggle Hall: Cyprian Latakia, white Burley, and Perique 
60.Tuskegee Airmen: Virginias, Perique, Turkish, and Latakia in a cake.
61.Sansepolcro: Italian Dark-Fired Kentucky, 2021 and 2022 Red Virginia, 2019 Bright Virginia, Dominican black Cavendish.